Monday, 28 March 2016

Watch Vishkanya Tonight Only On Zee TV

Vishkanya is an upcoming love thriller show that will be aired by Zee TV Online. The show will be produced by Alinda Srivastava and Nisar Parvez of Penisula pictures. The show will be a love story. The story will feature two lovers, Debo and Malay. Debo, an extraordinary girl from Bengali family loves her man and she can’t live in a world without him. Malay is Debo’s neighbor and his prince charming. The story revolves around the couple and difficulties they will encounter.

Plot The story begins when the Mittals return to their native Kalkata after staying for many years away from India. With his decent looks and charisma, their son Malay becomes the ultimate Kolkata candidate to fall in love with Debo. As the story unfolds, the young couple seems to be perfect match; however they have to overcome the obstacle of a harsh curse that is cast on Debo making their love story almost impossible. The girl is not allowed to go out and interact with the neighbors because of this curse and she is declared unwell. These dark secrets adversely affect their families and jinx their relationship. Debo is cursed with widowhood and whoever she will ever marry will die.Malay can’t leave this extraordinary girl and Debo can’t leave this charming man. How will the two lovers break this web of cursed past? Time will tell!

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