Sunday, 22 November 2015

Aditi Sharma To Play Grown-up Gangaa on &TV

New Soap Opera Exploding out of India written by: David Thompson A new and curious soap opera has hit the big screen in India named Gangaa on &TV live. Directed by Waseem Sabir and written by Rajita Sharma, Gangaa is a drama based on a little girl named Ganga. The enthralling plot and obvious cultural differences has drawn an unexpected number of people to watch Gangaa, she was raised at a young age by her father to be proud of herself and to have high self-esteem. Because of this, Gangaa is a very bubbly and bright child who keeps pushing on in her life no matter what terrible odds are thrown at her.

Early in her life, Ganga was made into a child bride. On the same day as her wedding, she lost her new husband and her father in an out of control riot. This is where the plot of Gangaa is truly set. She must now face the world as a motherless widow, absorbing all the negativity of the world around her and expelling it as happiness. Gangaa runs for approximately 20 minutes per episode and first began airing on March 2nd, 2015. Still in its first season, Gangaa apparently draws more and more viewers with each episode.

Furthermore, Aditi Sharma is going to be filling the shoes of adult Gangaa, which will most assuredly draw more viewers to watch Hindi Television channels live, the only channel which supports Gangaa.

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