Thursday, 27 August 2015

Bollywood Movie Reviews- Impact On Box Office Revenues

Indian cinema has recently crossed the centenary milestone of 100 years and is considered as the largest filmmaking entity in the world. Though there are many regional cinema industries in every state it is the Bollywood that has garnered the attention of the world as the icon to the Indian cinema. Every year Bollywood produces more than 1000 films but only a few of them actually withstand at the box office while most of the other films just windup in the boxes in less than a weeks’ time. There may be many reasons for the failure of the movies but the producers surely also point out the Bollywood movie reviews as one reason giving out the movie verdict on the first day itself deterring the interests of the audience who would actually want to view the movie.

It is true that most of the critics write reviews from the technical point not sparing any discrepancies in the movies right from the plot to the execution of the film. However, many times audience may not look at the technicalities or the logic in the screen play as long as the movie entertains them worth the money spent on the ticket. This is the reason why many films that have received negative reviews were able to become box office hits while those which were acclaimed by the critics have also ended up as disasters. Moreover, one should also agree that more than the positive review that can enhance the performance of a movie it is the negative review that has a greater impact on the audience subduing their interests to watch the film. This greatly affects the box office revenues without doubt and hence the cry from the film industry on the Bollywood movie reviews.

You can also find a disparity in the critic’s reviews for the same movie that actually confuses the audience to some extent. But one should note that the ultimate fate of the movie is in the hands of the audience rather than the reviews as any movie getting connected with the audience can surely generate revenues to the producers. But in one way the Bollywood movie reviews are quite helping the viewers who are choosy about watching movies to checkout if the movie is worth their time and money. Anyhow hardcore fans of the director, the hero or heroine watch the movie irrespective of the talk and it is those general viewers who wait for the reviews before deciding whether to go for the movie or not.

Bad films can never be saved even with paid reviews nor can good films be stooped down with bad reviews as ultimately it is the audience who decide the fate of the movie. However, it is the responsibility of the Bollywood movie reviews portals to offer a genuine verdict on a movie as it influences the neutral audience who have a say in making a film hit or flop.

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